Summer readin’

25 Jul

…had me a blaaast.

Yes, I am one of those nerds who reads the entire summer.  I really do.  I love to read!  Maybe that’s the reason I’m getting my Masters in reading….OOoooh.

Here’s the deal…

Bossypants by Tina Fey

In short, Tina Fey is funny.  In long, Tina Fey is funny and has had an awkward funny life.  If you’ve ever watched 30 Rock or seen Tina on SNL, her book reads like an episode of 30 Rock.  I was going to say SNL, but then that would equate to a not very good book.  I was literally laughing out loud while reading the book.  She includes quotes from 30 Rock like, “…never go with a hippie to a second location.”  and funny anecdotes from her struggles in Chicago.  Good read?  Yes!

Tinkers– Paul Harding

This book by Paul Harding is a Pulitzer Prize winner.  I’m sorry to say…I just didn’t get it. I really wanted to like it.  I kept reading, hoping that it would magically get more interesting to me…it didn’t.

Was I interested in the characters in the book?  Yes.  Did I want to keep reading?  Yes and no.  At times I was just thinking, get on with it!  But, I wanted to keep going to see how it ended.  I felt like a lot of the time the descriptions that Harding used were a little much.  I put this book down for a couple of months and came back to it.  It’s like that…

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet – Jamie Ford

One critic described this as a different take on Romeo and Juliet.  Since I’ve had a little time to think about it…it is.  It follows Henry Lee as he tries to figure out Seattle Washington as the internment camps open during WWII.  Henry comes from a straight-laced Chinese family that will have nothing to do with Henry’s Japanese friend.  The book cuts back and forth from 1986 to the 1940s following Henry and Kieko’s story as it goes.  Sometimes I don’t like when authors do that.  I feel like parts of the plot can get lost, but this really worked.  It’s a love story, through and through.  I wanted to keep reading this to find out what Henry did next.  It also had a quote about family, which I love, “perfection isn’t what families are all about.”  Right!?

Sookie Stackhouse novels – Charlaine Harris

Books 1, 2, and working on 3.  Since I have a pretty open summer and don’t usually need to be up super early in the morning, I channel surf at night.  One night I happened upon True Blood.  “Pshaw!”  I thought.  “I am not watching this…it’s soooo beneath me!”  Well, turns out I was wrong.  Maybe it’s the vampires or “vampurs” as they say on True Blood, but it really got me.  I wanted to know what was going on in Bon Temps.  Why was Tara coming back?  How is he a dog?  What the wha?  So like any good teacher, I did my research…by reading.  The books are in short, addicting and easy to read.  I like that I kinda know whats coming in the show by reading the books.  In short, if you like Ann Rice, In the Garden of Good and Evil, southern literature, vampires, Twilight?(I don’t know, I haven’t read them, but I’m assuming since it has to do with vampires)…these are for you!

Faithful Place by Tana French

Tana French also wrote, The Likeness and In the Woods.  Two great books.  Faithful Place follows Frank Mackey as he tries to figure out a murder that happened when he was in his teens.  The murder just so happens to be of his girlfriend who he was supposed to run away with.  Compounding matters, people that Frank knows keep dying around him.  Faithful Place is a good book, but I definitely like Tana’s previous two works better.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Betty Smith

Okay, so I didn’t really read this over the summer, but I had to include it.  There is a reason that everyone loves and pushes you to read this book.  It’s great!  You follow Francie in her journey through life.  You ache for her when things don’t go as planned and you want to give her a big hug when they do.  Truly a great book.  I don’t want to include too much, because…you should read it and find out why!


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