Damn you Bobby Flay!

21 Feb

…or how we ate our way across Manhattan and survived the bitter, cold wind.

Leanne and I are back from NYC and a great mini vacation.

Day 1- which was really night 1.  We got into NYC around 8:30 without a hitch.  And I mean that there were no hitches getting to NYC, getting the cab was another story.  Now, there wasn’t a problem getting a cab either.  Go to taxi cab line, tell attendant where you are going, get in taxi.  The scary part came with the actual taxi.  I’ve had some scary taxi cab rides in my travels to New York, several stories pop into mind…  This was different.  We got into the taxi, the guy spoke English and understood where we were going, A+!   Then he pulled away from the curb.  Holy sweet mother!  I swear he crossed all four lanes of traffic cutting off half of the population at La Guardia.  This is the way the rest of the cab ride went.  Speeding, cutting off traffic…good stuff.  It’s not that he was just going fast, no, no; I thought we were going to lift off, again!

Then we entered the Midtown Tunnel, again going super fast.  Mind you it’s a tunnel, there’s not a whole lot of room.  I seriously thought we were going to reenact the scene from Men In Black when Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are in the tunnel.  You know…

I was seriously holding on for dear life.  I’m surprised that I didn’t have gouge marks in my carry on bag.  However, that was the fastest I have every made it into the city.  Seriously.

We got to the hotel, all in one piece!  Leanne and I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn on West 35th street.  When I booked the hotel on Travelocity the only available option for a room was a King sized bed.  This is all fine and dandy, but not really what Leanne and I wanted.  At the front desk, the clerk told me they had oversold on King sized beds for that evening and to compensate us she was going to put us in a double bed room with…wait for it…a city view.  Twist my arm, why don’t ya.

Hello New York City!

Not too shabby, I was super pumped.  Plus, we got the upgrade with no charge!  Next on the list was food.  It was now closer to 9 and we were hungry with a capital H!  We braved the crowds and headed into Times Square, I had a pizza place in mind, but once we turned onto 8th Avenue.  I saw it.  It was like a golden beacon standing out from the crowd.  It was…Shake Shack!




So excited to see this!  Even at 9:30ish at night, there was a line out the door and the place was packed inside.  I already knew what I wanted even before stepping inside, but we took menu’s anyway, it was Leanne’s first time.  We both got cheeseburgers with fries.  The only bad part was that the food had to make the journey home 9 blocks, bummer.  But, it did and it was delicious!  Leanne agreed that it was better than the In and Out burger she had in California.  Ha!  Take that Cali!

With Shake Shack in our bellies, we turned in for the night, ready  to start they day well rested the next day.

Stayed tuned for Day 2 tomorrow!

School News

I got my second batch of Girl Scout cookies today, since I wasn’t at school Thursday or Friday.  I got two boxes, it cost $7 for my two boxes.  The little girl told me that she needed the money and I told her I would get it to her either by the end of the day or tomorrow.  She said, “Ok” and let it go.  Cool beans, on with teaching.  Then, half way through my time in that particular classroom, she comes up to me again and says, “Miss G. can I have my seven dollars now?”  “Um, no, I don’t have it, I haven’t left the classroom…”

Man kids just dig into something and don’t let go!


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