One of those days…

24 Jan

Yep, one of those days, but on the bright side it did get better as the day progressed.

This morning woke up took a shower, all good.  Made breakfast: bagel with peanut butter and pumpkin butter…problems arise.  I put the toaster on the bagel setting and it freaking burned my bagel!  Well, there was no time to make another bagel and if even there was more time we had no more bagels.

Breakfast gets eaten, leave for school, halfway to school I realize that I don’t have my school laptop which has some documents I need to print!  Blast!  There isn’t enough time to turn around so I had to go at planning and get my laptop.  Boo.  The day progressively got better after that.  So, maybe it wasn’t one of those days, but one of those mornings.  Anywho, the only other weird thing to happen today was that Verizon was down for 3 hours.  I was so confused when I looked at my phone and say an “x” and “no service.”  All is well now and I finally get my Facebook updates! 😉

Daily Post2011

What’s your idea for a perfect Sunday? How would it differ from a typical Sunday?

My idea of a perfect Sunday are the Sunday’s I get to have in the summer.  I wake up, go to the park to take a walk on the trails, then sit at Starbucks and drink an iced coffee and read the New York Times.  The rest of the day could be spent sitting on the beach or watching movies unitl the wee hours.  Why?  Because I don’t have to get up for school the next day!

I wish my Sunday’s would include a lot more of this:

I love making stained glass pieces.  I wish I could spend all day figuring out and making different things.

School News:

I was walking down the hallway to first grade and saw one of my students walking in front of me.  She saw me and was very excited that she got to walk with me down the hall.  I asked her why she wasn’t already in the classroom and she told me…

“I was going poop!” (Well, that’s awesome sarcasm)

“It took a long time and sometimes I have a hard time getting it out because it’s soo big.” (Ummm, don’t really need to tell me)

Ok, I think it’s time this little girl learns about TMI, for serious!

So, as I was writing this post…this happened…

That would be not one, not two, not even three, but four fire trucks!  Leanne and I looked outside to see what the deal was and we basically just saw the fire trucks.  We figure that it was some kind of kitchen fire, but sheesh!  Four fire trucks!!  So maybe it really is one of those days.

How was your day today?


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