Yes, we are that fast…

3 Oct

And we’re back!  It was a short weekend trip in Ohio, but I’m so glad we were able to do it.  It gave us the opportunity to visit with our families and to do a half marathon! 

As I said in the previous post, Leanne and I walked the White Tail Trail Half Marathon in Caesar’s Creek.  Also, as I think I’ve said before we were a bit apprehensive about it.  We woke up bright an early, both at respective parent’s house.  I had this lady to help me in the morning…

Cleo! She was so excited to help me, she fell asleep.

 So I don’t know about you, but I have a routine to how I set out my stuff the night before.  This is kind of what it looks like.

Race number, shoes, chip, and cat head.

 It pretty much looks like that for every race, minus the cat head.  So up and at ’em around 6.  Breakfast was a sesame seed bagel, Justin’s cinnamon peanut butter, and a banana.  Good stuff.  Leanne was over to pick me up at 7:00 and then we were off to Caesar’s Creek.  We were sooooo happy to be back in Ohio at the beginning of Fall.  The weather was perfect, nice and cool and a little chilly.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t turn into a weenie once I moved to “the Beach”, but it kinda happened and I was cold on Saturday morning.  My mother and Michigan relatives will be so disappointed in me!

Anyway, we got to the Creek to this beautiful view

Caesar's Creek Lake

 This is actually where the finish line was, we got shuttled to the start line.

The green flags are where the start was. Not a very big race at all, 170 people


I had to take a picture of the cute doggies!

Seriously, this dogs were so cute and good.  I just had to take a picture. 

Hey, I know those girls!

Okay, so the race starts and we are of course at the back, totally by choice.  There were some crazy runners at this race you were really hyped!  We started and immediately pace another walker.  We said, “hello”, but moved on.  Then we entered the trails.  This course was so great and beautiful.  I tried to take a lot of pictures, but didn’t want to lose our pace or impale myself with various twigs and such.  So here is a pictotour (?) of our race. 


Pretty trail

I loved all the leaves on the ground!  Not a whole lot of the trees were changing color yet.  But it was still beautiful.

Caesar's Creek Lake

Side – note.  All those rocks are the beginning of a huge fossil field.  In elementary school we took a field trip to Caesar’s Creek to go fossil hunting in this same spot!  It’s really pretty awesome.  A bunch of elementary school kids, paper lunch bags and as many trilobite fossils as you can fit into said paper lunch bag.  It makes for a good day.  Really, it does!  What didn’t you go fossil hunting with your school!?

Rounding the bend to the other side of the lake! Mini party on the inside!

Okay, so there aren’t any photos from this point until mile 12.5 or something.  The reason being that the trail got super über hard.  Mile six we were feeling great!  We couldn’t believe that we actually felt that good at the halfway point.  Then mile 7-11 came along.  Lemme just say that the trails in VA Beach have nothing on trails in Ohio.  NOTHING!  Mile 7 was hard, but not too daunting.  Miles 8-11 were a different story.  Steep incline grades and then steep declines.  It was grueling.  If the inclines and declines weren’t bad enough you also have roots, tiny bitty rocks,  super narrow trails and weird hairpin turns.  But!  Much to our credit we passed 4 groups of people!  Go us!  One team said, “Are you the super fast walkers we heard coming up behind us?”  It was awesome! 

I gotta say miles 9-11 were the longest two miles of my life!  Dramatic, who me?  Seriously though, just when you thought you had done the last incline, you had to go down tiny little steps just to go back up again.  Also, mile 11 sucked.  You could hear the road, but couldn’t see it, the trail just kept going on and on…  It was disheartening.  Have no fear at mile 11 we got a water break.  It was here that we meet up with a run walker we had passed early on in the race.  We got our water and kept moving, she stuck behind a bit and got dirt out of her shoes.  We knew she was going to be passing us at some point and heard her coming so we got out of the way.  As she passed us she pulled out her ear bud and said, “You guys are fast walkers!”  Woohoo! Go us again!  We are that amazing, what can I say. 

Okey dokey only two miles to go now!  This lovely view greeted us and we knew we were so close!


I had tried to take a picture of the finish line, but I turned my phone off on accident, so no photo.  The really great news was that we finished in 3 hrs 18 mins.  The same time as our Rock ‘n’ Roll finish! 

This was a great race!  The scenery was the best I’ve had so far.   It was a hard half marathon, but I wouldn’t trade it.  There were some bumps along the way, sure.  The root that tried to take off my pants, the prickly twigs that attached themselves to me, twice, and Leanne’s adventures that she will have to share with you 😉 

Dirty, dirty, dirty feet. I had pants on! How did this happen?

13.1 miles through Caesar’s Creek, Ohio?  I’d do it again, just not toooo soon.


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