How to hydrate with wine

21 Sep

Okay so not really, but wouldn’t that be great?  

Hey there folks!  We had a great weekend, but guess what!?  It didn’t include an ounce of training.  Well, maybe if you include buying trail shoes, then yes we trained.  All of the other “training” included drinking absurd amounts of wine and not a lot of water, eating delicious food and spending waaaaay too much money.  

Okay, so we went to Washington D.C. this weekend and went to the Virginia Wine Fest!  

Inside the tents. All those white boxes are full of wine!


It was an awesome festival, not only because we drank and drank wine pretty much for 4 hours, but also because one of our favorite bands was there.  OVER THE RHINE!    If you haven’t ever heard of Over the Rhine, that’s okay, they kind 

Over the Rhine! Linford, bass player (sorry don’t know his name), and Karin. I didn’t get the guitar player in the picture, but he is awesome!

fly under the radar, but rest assured, they are amazing.  Over the Rhine is from Cincinnati, Ohio where they call home (so do !;)  They have a really chill vibe and great songwriting.  Some of my favorite OTR songs are: Trouble, I’m on a Roll, and Ohio.  I really do love all of their songs and wish I could follow them around and listen to them play, really.  It’s true.  Karin and Linford if you’re reading and need someone to join you on the road and do things for you, I’m all for it.  Really. 

So, I know you are asking yourself, if all you did all weekend was drink wine you surely had to pass out somewhere.  Where was that!?  Well, dear friend it was at the Hotel Madera near Dupont Circle in D.C. 
(So right here is supposed to be a picture of Hotel Madera, but the computer kept freezing every time I tried to put it so just imagine.  K?)
The Hotel Madera is a Kimpton Hotel.  The Kimpton Group has several hotels in D.C., as well as other cities.  We’ve stayed at the George Hotel previously and that’s where we learned how nice they are.  They give you really awesome soaps, comfy beds with tons of pillows, and our room even had a balcony.  Yep, it did, we could look right out onto the street.  The Hotel Madera’s restaurant and bar are also part of the perks of staying there.  The Firefly had a great menu which included the small plates that we ordered from.  Leanne and I shared the Poached Octopus and Crispy Pork Belly.  Lemme tell ya, it was de.lish.ious.  Really, it was.  I was very surprised that I liked the octopus so much.  It was tender, didn’t really taste like octopus (not that I know what it should taste like), and had avocado included in the dish.  The pork belly was melt in your mouth crispiness, if that makes sense.  Dessert was another round of amazingness, yes it’s a word.  It included a Nutella cheesecake and apple crisp, both were great!
There was more good eats at the Scion Restaurant…  Plus lots of good people watching, drag queens, people riding bikes on the rims without wheels, ya know the usual. 
On Sunday, we went to the Second Story Bookstore.  We stopped by after dinner on Saturday, but were a little to “happy” to make good judgement on purchases.  Oops, before that we ate at Cafe Luna, which had really good after a wine festival breakfasty foods.  We also heard the awesome comment of, “…Oh, I don’t like jalapeno peppers, I like the Habanero.  You know the green ones?”  Umm. No. 
After those festivities we went shopping in Georgetown on M street.  Where we got these beauties…  Yes, we got the same shoes.  Couldn’t be helped really.  Also, we got free running sleeves.  Woohoo!  The guy helping us sounded like Cassanova.  Project Runway?  Anyone?
K.  So, there will be a blog about the shoes, but not right now, later. 
That’s about all that happened over the weekend.  I know there are some things that I have forgotten to write about.  It really was an awesome weekend and I wish it could have lasted just one day longer.  Sad face. 
How was your weekend??

3 Responses to “How to hydrate with wine”

  1. Sarah Lynch September 21, 2010 at 11:01 pm #

    Wow! That’s about all I can say. WOW!!! You two sure are adventurous!

    • thelastcorral September 22, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

      Thanks Sarah! We are looking forward to touring the states!


  1. …put your records on… « The Last Corral - January 29, 2011

    […] Over the Rhine.  Remember when Leanne and I hydrated with wine?  Over the Rhine! Por Que?  Because a)they are from Cincinnati and b) they are amazing.  Karin […]

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